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Brixworth Dental Practice Smile Gallery

We are very proud of our smile transformations, we have included a few Before and After photos which we hope may inspire you to take that first step towards your perfect smile.

Invisalign Case Study

“I spent years after my teenage braces came off watching my teeth move and not being able to do anything about it. It got to the point where I was unable to smile in photos and I felt constantly self conscious in front of other people. I found Brixworth Dental Practice on the internet after doing some research and was impressed at the extensive credentials. They put together an amazing package at a great price and have kept me thoroughly informed throughout the process. I genuinely feel like they have changed my life – I feel so much more confident now and love my smile. I would 100% recommend Brixworth Dental Practice to anyone looking to improve their smile. Thank you so much!”

Invisalign Case Study 2

This is a young lady who was told by several dentists that she couldn’t be treated with Invisalign alone. That she was “too difficult to treat with Invisalign”.

We didn’t think so, and treated her with a course of Invisalign Aligners, but combined it with six weeks of hidden fixed braces behind her six upper teeth, and here is the result. And what did the patient think of the result?

“I’m absolutely delighted that Brixworth were able to achieve such a great result, even though I was told it was impossible without wearing “traintracks”! Thank you so much for giving me this beautiful new smile.”

Invisalign Case Study 3

“The team could not have been more friendly, cheerful and helpful throughout the whole process. You know you're in the hands of a true professional at Brixworth, where they are out to help you get results, not just make as much money as they can off you. I am thrilled with the results and am so much happier for people to see my smile. I would go so far to say that they even bettered the prediction of how my teeth would look. No-one ever used to know I was wearing my Invisalign brace and although it feels a bit alien and uncomfortable at first, once you get past the first week it just becomes a normal part of your daily routine. I would stress that the only way to get results is to follow their instructions exactly and commit to wearing the brace for the full time frame! Don’t go blaming the team if you only wear the brace for a few hours a day. The payments have been flexible and easy, allowing me to chip away at the total cost over time, so that the payments have never been painful. I would recommend Brixworth Dental to anyone.”

Invisalign Case Study 4

“To you all who have given me any treatment, you have all been so lovely, understanding and patient & restored my confidence attending a dentist but especially to the “fantastic” results of the Invisalign! Thank you Brixworth Dental!! You have made my Smile!”

Dentures Case Study

“For years I have wanted to build up the courage to have new dentures. After visiting Brixworth Dental Practice, I wish I had done it years ago. I was made to feel totally relaxed and at ease. The staff were extremely helpful, understanding my needs and issues. I am extremely overwhelmed with the outcome of my new dentures. I am now able to smile without any worries & look forward to laughter and smiling with no worries. Fantastic job. Thank you.”

“Very pleasant staff and helpful in all aspects.”