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Please Let Us Know If You Can't Make Your Appointment!

November 18, 2021

We try our very best to help you remember, once you have made an appointment with us by:
- Text or letter to confirm the appointment 6 weeks before your appointment date ( applies to exam appointments only)
- Texting 4 days before you are due to come in.
- Calling 2 days before and either leaving a message or hopefully talking with you.

(This is why it’s really important that we always have the right contact numbers for you.)

We understand that from time to time it is necessary to cancel and rearrange an appointment and if you are able to give us 48 hours’ notice we are able to re-book your appointment and offer the appointment to someone else that needs to be seen.

However when we are given less than 48 hours’ notice we may not be able to refill the appointment and certainly if you fail to attend and give us no notice then we really are stuck. It is for this reason that short cancellations and failed appointments may incur a missed appointment fee. A fee of £25 for up to 30 Minutes, £50 for up to 60 Minutes and £100 for longer appointments may be levied. We may also request payment in advance of an appointment for longer appointments.

We hope that you understand that in fairness to the vast majority of patients who do come on time and keep their allotted appointments, we have introduced missed appointment fees.

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